Top 50 List Of Foods That Are Super Healthy of 2018

Hi guys i hope all are well, guys today i want to tell you about top 50 list of super healthy foods of 2018 our health is very important for us so we have to take care of our self. let's have a look...!
Guys healthy meals do not have to be boring. there are a lot of healthy and delicious foods. here are Top 50 list of foods that are unbelievably healthy. most are surprisingly delicious.

Top 50 List Of Foods That Are Super Healthy

Top 50 List Of Foods That Are Super Healthy

Guys here i am talking about Fruits and berries, top 50 list of super healthy foods  must need you to know fruits and berries are the most popular health food in the world. it is not surprising that you can not believe it. Fruits can also be easily included in diet.
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1. Apples are best from top 50 list of super healthy foods

As you know guys apples are rich in fiber, vitamin C and many antioxidants. Foods that are super healthy here is Apples are very satisfying and if you are hungry between meals, it is a perfect snack.

2. Avocado

Guys you might be know that avocados are different from most fruits because they contain healthy fats instead of carbohydrates.  Foods that are super healthy they are creamy, delicious and high in fiber, potassium and vitamin C.

3. Bananas

Guys bananas are one of the best potassium sources in the world. They are also rich in vitamin B6 and fiber. Bananas are very convenient and portable.

4. Blueberry

Guys you might be know that blueberries are not only delicious but also the most powerful source of antioxidants in the world.

5. Orange

Orange is well known as a vitamin C ingredient.  Foods that are super healthy they are also high in fiber, antioxidant and taste.

6. Strawberry

As you know guys strawberries are nutritious and have low carbohydrates and calories. They are full of Vitamin C, fiber and manganese and are arguably one of the tastiest foods available.

Other healthy fruits from top 50 list of super healthy foods of 2018

There are many other Foods that are super healthy healthy and fruits that are not listed here.
Some examples: cherry, grape, grapefruit, kiwi, lemon, mango, melon, olive, peach, pear, pineapple, plum and raspberry.

7. Eggs

Eggs are the most nutritious food on the planet. They have been demonized because of high cholesterol, but new research has shown that they are perfectly safe and healthy

Here i want to tell you about meat guys, It is myth that all meat is harmful. Unprocessed and gently cooked meat is one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods.

8. Dried beef

Sparse beef is one of the best sources of existing proteins and is rich in biologically available iron.  Foods that are super healthy If you are eating a low carb diet, top 50 list of super healthy foods they has a good idea to choose fat reduction.

9. Chicken Breast

You have to be know guys, chicken breasts are low in fat and calories, but protein is very high. It is a great source of many nutrients. In other words, if you do not eat a lot of carbohydrates, you can eat more chicken.

10. Lamb

The lamb usually feeds on grass, and the meat has many omega-3 fatty acids. Here guys i want to tell you about nuts, top 50 list of super healthy foods of 2018 seeds, peanuts. despite the high fat and calories, research shows that nuts and seeds can help weight loss.  Foods that are super healthy, guys this food is crispy, fulfilling, and filled with important nutrients that many people do not get enough amounts, including magnesium and vitamin E. they also need zero preparation. Because it's easier to incorporate them into diet.

11 Almond

Guys almonds are a popular nut type. It is loaded with vitamin E, antioxidants, magnesium and fiber.  Foods that are super healthy, Studies have shown that almonds help weight loss and help metabolism health.

12. Tooth Seeds

Guys you have to be know that tooth seed is one of the most nutritious and dense foods on the planet. One ounce (28 grams) of fiber contains 11 grams of fiber and accounts for a significant portion of the recommended intake of magnesium, manganese, calcium, and other nutrients.

13. Coconut

Guys as i think you know that coconut contains medium-chain triglycerides (fibrin) and strong fatty acids.  Foods that are super healthy you have to use in your diet.

14. Macadamia nut

Macadamia nut is very delicious. you might be know that they are much higher in monounsaturated fats than most other nuts and lower in omega-6 fatty acids.

15. Walnuts

Guys you have to be know that walnuts are nutritious and contain fiber and various vitamins and minerals.

16. Peanuts best from top list of super healthy foods

Peanuts (technically soybeans, not nuts) are incredibly tasty, rich in nutrients and antioxidants.  Foods that are super healthy, Studies have shown that peanuts can help weight loss. however, take it easy with peanut butter. It is very high in calories and too much intake.

Here i want to tell you some little knowledge about Foods that are super healthy vegetables. calories are one of the most concentrated nutrients in the world in vegetables. Foods that are super healthy, there are many varieties and it is best to eat a variety of vegetables every day.

17. Asparagus

Asparagus is a popular vegetable. both carbohydrates and calories are low but contain vitamin K.

18. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are available in many colors, including red, yellow, and green. They are crispy, very tasty, and are a good source of antioxidants and vitamin C.

19. Broccoli

Broccoli is a delicious crucifer plant that has been cooked without raw. It is a good source of fiber, vitamin K and vitamin C, and it has less protein than other vegetables.

20. Carrots

Carrots are popular root vegetables. It is very tasty and crunchy and full of nutrients such as fiber and vitamin K. Carrots also have very high carotene antioxidants with many benefits.

21. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a very versatile crucifer plant. It can be used to make all kinds of healthy recipes, and the taste is also delicious on its own.

22. Cucumber

Cucumber is one of the most famous vegetables in the world. It is very low in both carbohydrates and calories and mostly consists of water. However, it contains a small amount of nutrients, including vitamin K.

23. Garlic

Garlic is unbelievably healthy. It contains allicin, a bioactive compound with potent biological effects including immunity enhancement.

24. Kale

Kale has been very popular in recent years for good reasons. It is extremely high in Vitamin K, Vitamin C, fiber and many other nutrients. It is ideal to add satisfying crises to your salad and recipes.

25. Onions

Onions have a very strong flavor and are very popular for use in recipes. This includes many bioactive compounds that are considered to be beneficial to your health.

26. Tomato

omatoes are technically fruits, but are generally classified as vegetables. It has good taste and contains nutrients such as potassium and vitamin C.
More Healthy Vegetables
Foods that are super healthy These are not listed but are very healthy: sheep, brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, eggplant, leeks, lettuce, mushrooms, radish, squash, Swiss chard, turnip, pumpkin.

Here i want to tell you guys some Foods that are super healthy Fish and seafood Fish and other seafood are very healthy and nutritious. they are especially rich in omega-3 fatty acids and iodine. Both nutrients are inadequate for most people. Studies have shown that people who eat the most foods (especially fish) in the sea tend to have lower risk and longer life span of many diseases including heart disease, dementia and depression.

27. Salmon

Guys you have to be know that Salmon is an oily fish popular for its excellent taste and high nutrients,  protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin D is also included.

28. Sardines

Sardines are small, greasy fish, the most nutritious food. They contain the most nutrients required by the human body.

29. Crustaceans

Shellfish do not eat often and are disgraceful because they contain more nutrients than most other foods. It is similar to long-term meat in relation to nutrient density. Edible shellfish include shellfish, molluscs and oysters.

30. Shrimp

Shrimp are a kind of animal found in the sea. Fat and calories are low, but protein is high. It is also full of various other nutrients including selenium and vitamin B12.

31. Trout

You might be know that Trout is another type of delicious oily fish similar to salmon.

32. Tuna

Tuna is very famous in western countries and has a low fat and calories, but it contains a lot of protein. It is the perfect people to add more protein to their diet while keeping calories low.
Here i want to tell you some grain. foods that are super healthy in which Grain has been criticized in recent years. But it is a mistake to bring all the grains together. There are many kinds of grains, some of them very healthy. Just keep in mind that they are still very high in carbs, so they are not recommended for low carb diets.

33. Brown rice

Rice is one of the oldest cereal grains, and is currently a stock of more than half of the world's people. Brown (grain) rice is quite nutritious with a considerable amount of fiber, vitamin B1 and magnesium.

34. Oats

Oats are unbelievably healthy. They are rich in nutrients and have many advantages because they contain a powerful fiber called beta-glucans.

35. Quinoa

Quinoa has become overwhelmingly popular among health-conscious people in recent years. It is nutritious and tasty grains such as fiber and magnesium. It is also a great source of vegetable protein.

Hrer i want to tell you some super healthy Bread. most people eat lots of bread. For those who are adopting a healthier diet for the first time, it can be very difficult to find food instead of bread.
Fortunately, you can use several healthy (or at least "less bad") options.

36. Ezekiel bread

Ezekiel bread can be the most healthy bread you can buy in a store. It is made from organic, germinated whole grains and contains several types of legumes.

37. Homemade Low Carb bread

The best way to choose a healthy bread is to make it yourself. Here is a list of 15 recipes for healthy bread with little or no gluten.

Here i want to tell you some super healthy Legumes and plants. legumes are another food group that has been unfairly demonized in recent years. Soybean plants contain antinutrients, substances that can interfere with digestion and nutrient uptake. however, these antinutrients can be removed by immersing them in soybeans before they are eaten. What we have left is an unbelievably inexpensive, high-quality nutritional source, including good vegetable protein sources.

38. Green beans

Green soybeans, also known as string beans, are an inexperienced varieties of common soybeans. They are very popular in western countries.

39. Kidney beans

Kidney beans contain a variety of vitamins and minerals and are very high in fiber. When it is not ripe, it must be cooked properly because it is toxic.

40. Lentils

Lentils are another popular legume plant. They are high in fiber and are the best source of vegetable proteins. Lentils are also delicious, tasty, and have a very satisfactory texture.

Here i want to tell you some Foods that are super healthy daiery products. Many people can not tolerate dairy products. however, for those who tolerate them, they are a healthy source of various important nutrients. Whole milk products were found to be the best, and the study found that those who eat the most total fat dairy products have lower risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Dairy products are better because they come from grassed cows and are higher than some bioactive fatty acids like CLA.

41. Cheese

Cheese is extremely nutritious, and a piece contains nutrients such as a cup of milk. It is also one of the most delicious foods you can eat.

42. Whole milk

Whole milk is very high in vitamins, minerals, high quality animal protein and healthy fats. It is one of the best sources of calcium.

43. Yogurt

Yogurt is made from fermented milk by adding live bacteria. Except for the added benefits of a friendly probiotic bacteria, it has many health benefits such as milk.

Here i want to tell you some Fat and oil. The "war" for the locality has disappeared and many fats and oils have returned to health food.

44. Butter from cows raised in turf

You have to be know that Cow's butter in the grass is rich in many important nutrients, including Vitamin K2, which is very important.

45. Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains a strong fatty acid called heavy chain triglycerides. Coconut oil has been shown to be effective in Alzheimer's disease and can lose belly fat.

46. Extra virgin olive oil

Guys Extra virgin olive oil is the most healthy fat on earth. It contains heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and has very high antioxidants with strong health benefits.

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